Tum & Yum Thai Restaurant


There are many unique flavors and ingredients involved in Thai cooking. Cooking delicious food which captures the essence of Thailand requires expertise, experience, knowledge, and patience.

Cooking Thai is effective and easy with the proper education and training. To fully experience the food, it is helpful to learn a bit about various regions as each community has a different way of life, specific regional dialects, and their own cuisine.

Thailand is a highly concentrated food that contains a lot of ingredients and flavors, each with a unique flavor, the flavor is not the same in the cooking of Thailand to study culinary expert and cookbook Thailand Thailand is delicious. requires expertise and experience in the cooking process, and Thailand will be meticulous craftsmanship have made ​​steps to make food appetizing.

Thailand is well-known restaurant that has a long history. Most people in both countries are more popular in Thailand. Especially famous for its rich and spicy taste of the lips attracted people for centuries.

Thailand’s restaurant scene has a long history. Famous for rich and spicy cuisine, the taste of Thai has attracted people for centuries. Persia and India have influenced cooking involving dried ingredients, garlic, onions, and fish sauce, while many fried foods have been influenced by China.

“Tum” means “food mixing together”, and it can often be found in fish meal, shrimp meal, dried chili, fresh chili paste with salt, pepper salad, and others

“Yum“ means “bringing the salad vegetables”. Meat and sauce are mixed together. Absorbed the flavor evenly. Yam of Thailand has a flavor the main three flavors, sour, salty, sweet for sauce to gravy before eating a little so that the salad is delicious salad vegetables like salad mimosa Spicy Winged Bean Salad pollen, apple, etc. Yum meats such as spicy beef and salad. Spicy pork sausage etc.



Thailand is well-known restaurant that has a long history. Most people, both at home and abroad. Unlike many popular food in Thailand. Particularly renowned for its concentration. And spicy taste of favorite foods that attracted people for centuries, mainly food Thailand. Is there a simple way to make and takes only a few households. Thailand’s people are trapped every household pantry is.

Dried shrimp paste, fish sauce, garlic, onions and fish Sgmmakam including food components. Vegetables and meat because there are numerous ways.
Be attributed to many different formats such as. Spicy curry cooked food including fried influenced in Thailand. Cooking and eating patterns. From the past such as the spices used in the assembly. Food was given. Influenced by Persian through India.

Or any fried foods. Influenced dishes from China, Thailand, etc. are known. It enjoys many consisted of more than 255 types of food are considered food Thailand. No effect because the country is agriculturally a natural food with special The climate and terrain varied throughout the years, including people with art in Thailand. Blood already. Art History, which is expressed in the form of embellishments and eating. That is unique. Since re-blend the flavors, taste, smell. The mellow and delicious taste that stands out in the format and

At Tum and Yum, we try to bring to a genuine taste of Thailand to the discerning New Yorker by combining centuries old cooking traditions, with new, exciting techniques. For the health and calorie conscious, we have a dish to suit your palette. For those seeking something richer we have dishes for you, too. It fills us with pride to share our culinary passion with you, our valued customer, and we welcome your feedback